How It Works

Easy. Our service is your solution.

Transporting your vehicle to anywhere in New Zealand is easy. Booking your vehicle’s transportation is even easier with our online booking system so you can leave all the heavy lifting to us!

Once you have completed the simple online booking form, we will take over to get your vehicle from here to there or there to here – whichever the case may be.

In short, the process looks like this:

  • You book and pay for your vehicle’s transportation online
  • We email you a booking confirmation
  • We call you to arrange a convenient date and time for collection
  • We transport your vehicle from A to B
  • That's it.... Your vehicle is delivered!

PTS Group - Auto Logistics Ltd

PTS Group - Auto Logistic Ltd

How long will it take to have my vehicle delivered?

With scheduled daily services between New Zealand’s main centres, we can transport your vehicle in three – five business days within Island and ten – fourteen business days inter Island.

If your pick-up or delivery points are a bit off the beaten track, you will need to factor in another day or two for delivery. Once your booking is confirmed, we will call you to arrange the date and time of pick-up.

What vehicles can be transported?

Over the past 40 years there isn’t much, in the way of vehicles, that the team hasn’t seen.

There are several considerations when arranging transportation of your vehicle including; size, type, road worthiness and modifications. Find out more here.

PTS Group - Auto Logistic Ltd

PTS Group - Auto Logistic Ltd

Keeping your investment safe

While your vehicle is in our care, we make every endeavour to keep it safe and deliver it to you in the same condition as we picked it up.

And this is the case 99% of the time. As with life though, the worst can sometimes happen so we recommend that you protect your investment.

Under the Carriage of Goods Act, PTS Group’s liability is limited to a maximum of $1,739 + GST for any damage to your vehicle. Therefore, we recommend you check whether your vehicle is covered for transportation under your existing insurance policy. It's always best to contact your insurer and let them know you are intending to transport your vehicle.

If you discover you are not insured then you may be able to arrange short term cover with your current insurer or another provider. Contact us for more information

Often our clients are purchasing vehicles sight unseen. As with all purchases it is "buyer beware" so please be sure to know the state of your new purchase before we move it.